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About Michael Liben

Bereaved Dad, Michael Liben is the host of "Heart to Heart with Michael: A Program for the Bereaved Community." 
This program is designed to empower those who have lost loved ones. Guests will include members of the community, people of faith, as well as doctors and other professionals who deal with topics of importance to the bereaved community.

New programs will be broadcast the first Thursday of the month at noon Eastern Time (USA).

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My Spreaker Shows

Season 1  Episode 1
The Last Days:

Saying Goodbye to Jessica

Season 1  Episode 2
Living After Death:
Rainbow Babies and Healing

Season 1  Episode 3
Dealing with Death and Dying

Season 1 Episode 4
Hope for Healing a Family

Season 1 Episode 5
Jewish Observation of Grief

Season 1  Episode 6
Preparations for Life Without Me

Season 1  Episode 7
Losing Loved Ones to a Misdiagnosis

Season 1  Episode 8
Living with Loss After Loss

Season 1  Episode 9
How Do You Move Forward?

Season 1  Episode 11
Thankful For Being Alive with
Chronic Illness

Season 1  Episode 10
Laughing Through the Tears

A Moment With Michael

Do You Feel Guilty When You Are Happy?

How Many Children Do You Have?

What Is Normal?

How Do You Remember?

Online Support

Moving Forward

Organ Donation

What Not To Say

A Place For Happiness

What My Listeners Are Saying

Michael, I listened to your newest interview and think that bringing the perspective of the grandmother focuses particularly well on the impacts for the entire family. I  hope the interview will  be  a source of encouragement and support for listeners and their families.
Thanks so much!